DIY Galaxy Nails

Stars on a clear night have always been able to take my breath away and this look captures the beauty of an intense galaxy. These nails looks great, but are so easy to do and very hard to mess up. Have fun and definitely experiment with different colors! Let me know how they worked out for you! – Carissa

Basic Essential Colors Needed:
– One Black or Dark Navy Blue Polish (this will be your base/sky)
– A Silver Color
– A Bright Blue (Royal, Teal, Metallic)
– A Purple or a Pink
– A glitter that coordinates with the colors abovenote:
For my own nails, I used 7 different colors, but it could definitely have been reduced to five. However, what makes galaxy nails beautiful are how complex they look which is why I chose to use more layers.

Other things needed:
A makeup sponge
(only one is needed because you can just reuse corners)

DIY galaxy nails  4

1) Start off your galaxy nails with a deep black or navy blue. You want to make sure that this base is completely dry before you move forward.




DIY galaxy nails 1

2) Apply a light amount of the silver color to the corner of a makeup sponge and gently dab it onto your base.

(How or where you choose to dab any of the colors is entirely up to you.)


DIY galaxy nails 5
3) After you apply the silver color, use another corner of the sponge to gently apply your rich blue color. (I used a teal as well)



DIY galaxy nails 3

4) Continue in the same way with your purple or pink color.
You want to be a bit more tactical about where you put your this color because this is what makes your nails really look fantastic.

The best places are the upper corners or small spots in the center.


DIY galaxy nails 2

5) Once you’re satisfied with your colors, paint a light layer of glitter over everything. This will give you your stars and you will be done!

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