My February Birchbox


fter receiving my first Birchbox, I really couldn’t wait for my next one and it did not disappoint! February’s box had four great beauty samples and a Ghirardelli Milk & Caramel Square that was thrown in as a treat! Here’s what was inside:

Color Club Nail Polish in Wild Cactus:
I’ve been searching for an emerald nail polish for a couple of months now so you can imagine that I was pretty excited to get a mini bottle! I really liked this color because its rich and extremely vivid. Green is one of my favorite colors and I can’t wait to wear this color more often!
Dr. Jart+ Black Label Detox BB Beauty Balm
If you’ve taken any notice of recent beauty commercials and ads, you’d know that BB creams have been trending. I’ve been really curious about them and was super excited to finally be able to test one out. Because my skin is particularly dry, I put lotion on before even though most BB creams are intended to work as some type of moisturizer as well. It blended smoothly and had a really nice level of coverage. However, I probably wouldn’t buy this product since I am extremely content with my Revlon Nearly Naked foundation.
SKIN&Co Roma Cleansing Body Gel with Olive & Sicilian Orange Extracts:
First off, I love body gels. The icing on the cake was that this body gel sample also happened to be pretty big. It has a lovely perfume scent to it, but it’s not overbearing at all and you can smell hints of orange. It’s a really nice body gel.


twistband Thick Headband:
So this might sound weird, but I got unbelievably excited over the tiny twistband tag that was attached to the actual headband. It was the first thing I noticed because it was just SO cute and so tiny and I just adored it. The headband, itself, was black and extremely simple. A set of 6 costs about $19 and I thought that was a pretty expensive price. However, the band is extremely gentle and has a fantastic grip on hair. It’ll be great for days I need to have my hair up but don’t want to have to wear a fancy headband.

The product that I am most inclined to buy: The Color Club Nail Polish in Wild Cactus
The product that I am least inclined to buy: The Dr. Jart+ BB Cream

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