DIY Envelopes


think it’s fair to say that everyone likes free stuff, especially free stuff that is of high quality. If you didn’t know this already, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and Free People have catalogs that they send to everyone on their mailing lists. While free catalogs may not seem that exciting, I love getting them from Antrho, Urban, and Free People because they’re more like magazines than boring clothing catalogs. Each issue, not only, consists of beautiful photo spreads, but is also printed on high quality paper. But because I’m a bit of hoarder, I’ve accumulated stacks upon stacks of these catalogs and I’ve refused to throw them away. So when I saw a DIY Galaxy Envelope pin on Pinterest, I decided to apply that idea to my catalogs and I think they turned out to be quite lovely! Inspiration:


1) Print out an envelope template:

You can find an assortment of templates on google, but I actually drew my own! (it took a lot longer than you would think)
The one that I drew should be printable and ready to use!


2) Choose your Paper:
I used the paper from the catalogs, but you can basically use anything that the template can fit on.
Some ideas to try:
  • Magazine paper
  • Wrapping paper
  • Scrapbook paper


3) Trace, Cut, Fold, and Glue:
These steps are easy and self-explanatory, but here are some helpful tips.
Trace: Pencils are great to use instead of pens because you can always erase any stray marks that they may make.
Cut: Smaller scissors give you more control
Fold: I found that it was really helpful to fold the paper over an index card to insure a straight and crisp edge.
Glue: Before glueing, I lightly trace side B over both side A’s so i know where exactly I need to glue.

The finished product!


Here are some more envelopes that I made with wrapping paper that I got from the dollar store!


I’ll definitely be making more of these in my future because I love the idea of giving people unique and customized cards (and making them is pretty addicting too) Let me know what you think of them and tell me how it went if you made your own!

– Carissa

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