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April 2013


My April Birchbox

Yes To Carrots Lip Butter I have wanted to try Yes To Carrots products for quite some time so I was extremely excited to see, not only, a lip balm, but a full size mint lip balm! The mint smells fantastic and has a really nice cooling effect. In terms of the actual balm, it reminded me a lot of the lip treatment from Sugar. Prior to trying this lip butter, I’ve been using Maybelline’s Baby Lips which I’ve been pretty happy with. However, I think that this lip balm has a  ...

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Before I Die

Earlier this week, a club on campus set up a structure covered in chalk paint that read “Before I Die . . . I Want To _______”My favorite thing about the wall was that I felt like I was reading the heart of Ithaca. This sounds so cheesy (I know) but the beauty of the wall was that there were all sorts of answers. The kind that made you laugh, the sweet, the simple, the honest, and even the dirty. Here were my favorites: Before I Die . . . I Want To: Become a unicorn Find the one  ...

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