Getting Out of Hibernation


ive months.
That is how long it’s been since I’ve lasted posted something on this blog.
A lot of people have asked me when I was going to get back on and I’m thankful for their encouragement to start writing again.What has held me back for so long has definitely been, in part, my working all summer and having a packed semester, but more than that, it’s been fear.
Fear seems like a pretty ridiculous excuse being that I’m only talking about a blog. However, I think that my fear ultimately stemmed from a feeling of failure. I’m disappointed that I fully intended to write consistently during the summer and didn’t carry that out at all. Because of this, I avoided my blog because I was afraid that if I started up again, I wouldn’t be able to keep it up. But what I recently realized is that I was getting nothing accomplished by being inactive. I still love this blog and have so many ideas to share, so I will not let myself get in the way of that!
So, with this post, I’d like to apologize for letting my fear get in the way of putting up cool stuff in the summer like I promised. Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me to get back on it! From now on, I’m going to try my best!


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