Married in BKLYN – Details of our Wedding Day

Another year of marriage has meant more laughter, more mess, more grace, and more love for one another. Between leaving Museum of the Bible, two moves, and having a baby, I can’t believe that Jeremy and I are only celebrating two years of marriage and yet, time has also flown by and I can’t believe it’s already here. Looking back, I am grateful for how the Lord has continued to sustain us and for the gospel truly binding us together. With that in mind, as we celebrate another chapter in the books, I thought I’d share some of my favorite details and memories from our wedding day.

Favorite Details

Aisle Song: Never Once (Instrumental)
Prior to the ceremony, Jeremy had no idea what song I would be walking down the aisle to. For years, I had dreamed of walking down to Turning Page by Sleeping at Last. (Say what you want about the Twilight Films, but Bella and Edward’s wedding scene was amazing.) However, once I was engaged, I wanted to choose a song that was meaningful to him. While at Ithaca, Jeremy often led the music portion of our worship service and regularly included Never Once in the set. He did it so often that whenever the song came on, Jeremy would pop into my head and this was well before we were dating. More than that, I knew he had sung this song through many tough seasons earlier in his life and loved that this song is all about God’s faithfulness.

Anyone who knows me, knows that my dream would be to open up a stationery shop. When looking for wedding stationery, I was disappointed to find that most of my favorite vendors were far out of my budget. So instead, I designed many of our pieces using the gorgeous logo that Jessie Schnall designed for Jeremy and I. Out of everything we gave out, my favorite piece was our program. On the back of it, Jeremy helped bring my vision to life by hand drawing a map of DUMBO. We paired the map with information on things to do and see during cocktail hour in order to encourage guests to explore the area. I had originally tried my hand at drawing the map, but it looked like a two year old closed her eyes and drew it with her toes. Naturally, Jeremy pretty much got it on his first try.

Similarly to our stationery, I had a specific vision for our florals, but didn’t know how to make everything come together without paying an arm and a leg. I loved the idea of a DIY, but wasn’t sure how to go about buying fresh florals in bulk and staying within our budget. Earlier that year, a friend named Katy Gale taught me how to put together bouquets and boutonnieres at a floral workshop held in my apartment. I ended up connecting with her while engaged and she helped purchase a custom order for me and gave me “recipe cards” for the bouquets and boutonnieres. This allowed me to have a guide while putting everything together and all of the flowers purchased at a great rate. (Fun fact, when it came down to the total cost of the wedding, we were able to spend less than half of the average NYC wedding cost!) On the night before the wedding, my college roomate, Chanhee, and I were cutting stems, pulling off leaves, putting together arrangements, and it was an absolute blast.

Banquet Tables
Instead of using table numbers, Jeremy and I named each table after place that was significant to our relationship. Each table had the name of place in either DC, New York, New England, Ithaca, or London along with some text about what the place meant to us. One fun detail is that we were able to seat most of our guests at tables with names of places that were close to where they live. Because 26 Bridge is such a linear venue, I felt strongly about having banquet style tables. I am so glad that we were able to make it happen because it made the reception feel so communal and it looked gorgeous.

Wedding Song: Clear by NeedtoBreathe
I love this song. Every time I hear its opening, I immediately feel warm and cozy. One fun fact is that we not only danced to this at our wedding, but we also danced to this right before I went into active labor at the hospital. The funny thing about this song is that neither Jeremy nor I feel very sentimental about its lyrics. In fact, we don’t love the extremity of the chorus (“I promise I won’t let you down”) because we knew going into marriage that we would FOR SURE let one another down. I’m grateful that I don’t have to put my hope in Jeremy meeting my every need because I can look instead to Christ as my ultimate hope because of His finished work on the cross. When Jeremy and I inevitably let each other down, we can forgive one another because we know that Christ has forgiven us of far greater sins. His mercy is truly more than our many sins and that has been so clear to us in marriage!

Louis Palombo: Our Officiant
While studying in London (during two separate Spring semesters), Jeremy and I had the opportunity to attend St. Helen’s Bishopsgate. While he was there, Jeremy was extensively discipled by a gentleman named Louis Palombo. When I went to London, Jeremy connected me with Louis, who helped my best friend/roommate/bridesmaid Kristine and I get plugged into a Read Mark Learn group at the church. When thinking of someone to officiate our wedding, Louis was our first choice as someone who knows both of us and has been instrumental in spurring us on. Because Louis is currently working at a church in Italy, the fact that he made the trip to New York to marry us meant the world and is something that we will never forget. We are so thankful for Louis’ faithfulness to teach others the Word and have seen the fruit that the Lord is producing because of it. It’s a gift to be able to call him our friend.

Favorite Moments

Ubering to the Ceremony
I didn’t want to spend much money on transportation to the venue, so I was set on Ubering myself and all of the bridesmaids to 26 Bridge. I love that we rolled up in a mini-van and think the ride was far more memorable than a limo! Because we arrived before doors were opened to guests, I asked the Uber driver if I could sit a couple minutes longer. He graciously agreed and as my bridesmaids walked inside, I watched guests arrive inside the van with my kind Uber driver.

Walking Down the Aisle
Although most brides walk down the aisle with her father, I had always pictured walking down the aisle with both of my parents by my side. They have shaped so much of who I am and have loved me so incredibly well that I couldn’t imagine walking with just one and not the other.

Ceremony Music
One piece of advice that someone gave me prior to the wedding was to make sure I took time to look around during the ceremony and take everything in. As we sang Behold our God and Be Thou my Vision, I’ll never forget seeing all of our guests singing with us and being in awe of how kind the Lord was to put all of these people in our life and bring them together on that day.

Late Night Vows
In college, Jeremy and I were both notorious for staying up excessively late to finish school assignments. We wanted to incorporate personal vows into our ceremony, but in typical fashion, I finished mine at midnight and Jeremy at 3:45 AM…both on the night (well, morning) before our wedding!  

Ice Cream in DUMBO
Our wedding was right at the beginning of June, so it was starting to get pretty hot in the city. Because we were taking photos, the bridal party had to miss the cocktail hour. As we were making our way back to the venue, I remember turning around and seeing that Jeremy’s brothers had bought as many ice cream cones as they could for some of the bridesmaids and groomsmen. It was a much needed treat!

Doing the Wave at the Carousel
As the bridal party lined up on the Jane’s carousel for photos, there was a boat making its way along the river. As the boat was passing by, the passengers started cheering and waving to us. I can’t remember how it started, but we started doing the wave and passed it along to the boat, which eventually passed it back to us. It was only a couple of seconds, but a fun and sweet moment with strangers.

Driving All Night
As the night drew to a close, our friends and family lined up with their hands in the air to create a tunnel. (By the end of our engagement season, we were so tired of wedding planning and decided to forego any type of sparklers or ribbon wands) Drive All Night by NeedtoBreathe played on the speakers and as the chorus broke, Jeremy and I ran out to the car and, for the first time of the day, were alone as husband and wife. It was so surreal to finally be married and sweet to quietly drive through Manhattan together, revelling in all of the joy that we had just experienced. Jeremy says that this was his favorite moment of the day.

So many of these moments are small stories that I don’t want to forget over the next few years. They may seem insignificant in the big picture of our marriage, but they are incredibly sweet memories that only added to the rich joy of our wedding day. Looking back, we see so many gifts of grace and continue to thank God for showing us just a small fraction of his immense love and goodness towards us.

Photography: Cynthia Chung Photography
Venue: 26Bridge
Wedding Dress: Mori Lee by Madeline Gardner
Makeup: Sarena Edenfield
Floral Design: Praiseworthy Petals
Graphic/Logo Design: Jessie Schnall

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