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Oceans – Set Decoration

Oceans – Set Decorationfeatured

During my time at Ithaca, I have been seriously blessed to be surrounded by people who are not only ridiculously gifted, but also incredibly passionate. Luke, Kristine, and Jazon have become some of my closest friends here and being able to help with their project was an amazing experience. Together, each of us brought our Read more

DIY Envelopes

DIY Envelopesfeatured

1) Print out an envelope template: You can find an assortment of templates on google, but I actually drew my own! (it took a lot longer than you would think) The one that I drew should be printable and ready to use! 2) Choose your Paper: I used the paper from the catalogs, but you Read more

DIY Galaxy Nails

DIY Galaxy Nailsfeatured

Stars on a clear night have always been able to take my breath away and this look captures the beauty of an intense galaxy. These nails looks great, but are so easy to do and very hard to mess up. Have fun and definitely experiment with different colors! Let me know how they worked out Read more