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I Went to a TEDx Talk Once

I Went to a TEDx Talk Oncefeatured

After my application was reviewed, I was part of a 70 person audience who had the privilege of listening to speakers from the local Ithaca area. There were a total of 16 speakers and a total of 19 TED talks that we listened to. If you’re wondering how long this conference was, let me tell Read more

Before I Die

Before I Diefeatured

Earlier this week, a club on campus set up a structure covered in chalk paint that read “Before I Die . . . I Want To _______”My favorite thing about the wall was that I felt like I was reading the heart of Ithaca. This sounds so cheesy (I know) but the beauty of the Read more


Rhymes With Delightfulfeatured

…nothing rhymes with delightful. thats so dumb. And I wish I could tell you that I, in fact, have a great story that explains how the name of my blog came to be . . . but I really don’t. The truth is that I spent more time than I’d like to admit, just writing Read more