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Lisbon: A Day Trip to Sintra

After checking into the Living Lounge Hostel, Kristine and I decided to do some exploring. I will admit that I initially disliked the immediate area around our hostel. First, it is a popular tourist neighborhood, which made finding food under 8 euro almost an impossible task. Second, it may have been because it was a Wednesday night, but the neighborhood seemed weirdly empty and reminded me of the desolate city in Inception. Granted, it was gorgeous! But it just had some weird vibes and of  ...

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Forever – Behind the Cover

The biggest question of course was which song would we be covering this time around? Over the summer, we added songs to a collaborative playlist to get the ball rolling. When we finally got together in the fall, we narrowed those songs down until we were left with two that weren’t even on  ...

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