I Went to a TEDx Talk Once

After my application was reviewed, I was part of a 70 person audience who had the privilege of listening to speakers from the local Ithaca area. There were a total of 16 speakers and a total of 19 TED talks that we listened to. If you’re wondering how long this conference was, let me tell you, it was long. The conference started around 10am and ended around 5pm. However, with each speaker talking for at most 18 minutes, it was an easy and inspiring eight hours to sit through. Out of  ...

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Decor, DIY/Howto

Oceans – Set Decoration

During my time at Ithaca, I have been seriously blessed to be surrounded by people who are not only ridiculously gifted, but also incredibly passionate. Luke, Kristine, and Jazon have become some of my closest friends here and being able to help with their project was an amazing experience.  ...

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Thrift Shopping (Part II)

Buffalo Exchange: Pros: Right upon walking in, it was very apparent that Buffalo Exchange isn’t your average thrift shop. I especially loved how everything was organized by sizes and not colors. Additionally, unlike most thrift stores, there weren’t many things that seemed to have been  ...

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