Style and Beauty

Thrift Shopping!

Well. I was walking around the store looking for fabric that I could use to make hair bows when it caught my eye. Hanging on a rack was a huge, printed, and absolutely gorgeous oversized sweater. I’ve always wanted one of those sweaters that were cozy enough to die in and I had finally found mine. Now, I was really skeptical about how it would look on me being that it was an XL. (I can already hear the laughter of everyone reading this) But, somehow I actually think it works and I  ...

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My April Birchbox

Yes To Carrots Lip Butter I have wanted to try Yes To Carrots products for quite some time so I was extremely excited to see, not only, a lip balm, but a full size mint lip balm! The mint smells fantastic and has a really nice cooling effect. In terms of the actual balm, it reminded me a lot of  ...

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Before I Die

Earlier this week, a club on campus set up a structure covered in chalk paint that read “Before I Die . . . I Want To _______”My favorite thing about the wall was that I felt like I was reading the heart of Ithaca. This sounds so cheesy (I know) but the beauty of the wall was that  ...

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